Edwin Morgans Typewriter 2001

I went to Eddie's flat one day to photograph some bits and pieces, with my 10x8 camera, “Eddie can I photograph your Typewriter” (Eddie never used a computer, he always used this typewriter I think all his poems were typed out on this machine) I took the typewriter off his desk and sat it at the window crossing my fingers and hoping the exposure was right. Later looking at the image I realized to my astonishment, that there was a poem half typed out still in the typewriter. The poem is titled Vincent Lunardi.
Lunardi was an Italian balloonist and on the 23 November 1785 the Glasgow mercury newspaper reported  "when The Daredevil Aeronaut 'ascended into the atmosphere with majestic grandeur, to the astonishment and admiration of the spectators' from St Andrew's Square in Glasgow. The two-hour flight covered 110 miles," Lunardi skirts were decorated with balloon styles, and in Scotland, the Lunardi Bonnet was named after him (balloon-shaped and standing some 600 mm tall), and is even mentioned by Scotland's national poet,Rabbie Burns (1759–96), in his poem 'To a Louse', written about a young woman called Jenny, who had a louse scampering in her Lunardi bonnet, "But Miss's fine Lunardi, fye".
Vincent Lunardi died in Lisbon in 1806.